Elizabeth Tackett

Elizabeth Tackett

Software Engineer

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Built with Rails 6, Amazon S3, AWS Cloudfront, and PostgreSQL. Hosted on Heroku.

Cloudbeam is an application designed to make sharing a large file with a small group of people easier.

Our solution leverages low-impact file storage in the cloud, competent and automatic tracking of file activity, and automated distribution of secure download links, all to make the process of rapidly sharing a large file as safe and simple as possible.

Featured Blog Posts

Cloudbeam- Simple, Secure Sharing


This blog post is an introduction to Cloudbeam, of which I am a co-creator. In this article, you can read about working with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront, using signed-URLs to access private resources, and more.

Getting Started with Ruby Exceptions


In this article I introduce the basics of working with exceptions in Ruby. To begin, I will discuss what an exception is, as well as various types of exceptions and their severity. I then introduce several basic techniquess for handling common exceptions when they occur in your code.

Getting Started: Contributing to Open-Source


I explain what open-source software is, and guide the reader with a step-by-step process to get started contributing to OSS. At the end of the article, I share a list of beginner-friendly OSS resources.

Fisher-Yates Shuffle: Randomly Shuffle a List in-Place


This article presents the challenge of achieving a truly random shuffle. Next, I walk through the Fisher-Yates algorithm and provide code samples in Python.

Work Experience

Launch School

Teaching Assistant
August 2017 - November 2018; July 2020 - Present

Produce course content, perform code reviews, conduct student assessments, and host study groups.

Major League Hacking

June - August 2020

Contribute to open-source projects including Homebrew and Dev.to under the mentorship of senior engineer.

Education & Certifications


Open-Source Software